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Interlude 1
« on: October 10, 2022, 05:03:45 AM »
Interlude 1: Lieutenant Marsden

The breeze wafted its way up onto the wall, bringing with it a very strange, and very faint scent. I couldn't identify it.

Behind me stood the Western Torgan Expeditionary camp, fortified and heavily manned. Turrets lined the top of every wall, and tripwires had been set out in the wilderness to warn us about intruders. I had only just arrived here yesterday, but already I found the place impressive.

My whole life I had served the Torgan Republic as a soldier. I'd fought with pride against the Queenslanders, earning several prestigious awards and my current title. Now that the war was heating up again, I had expected to be returned to the front, but then things had changed. I'd been sent out here, exactly in the opposite direction of where I was needed. I had been given no reason for it, nor any evident enemy to face!

"Sir," one of the soldiers reported. "Orders from Darwin have just arrived."

I snapped my fingers, and he placed a cylinder in my hands. Just feeling the edges of it confirmed that it had come from our western capital. "You're dismissed, Captain." I heard him salute in response, and then march back down the stairs on the inside of the wall.

Perhaps these orders could enlighten me as to what the hell we were all doing out here! I wasn't the only person suddenly and inexplicably reassigned, from what I heard. A full battalion was here, and more troops had been marching in from the west.

Protocol dictated that I take the message to my tent, open it, and read the carved words in privacy. I was then to reseal the container, if it didn't require an immediate response. My heart sank as I felt my way back down the stairs and into the camp.

Whatever reason we had for being out here, I doubted I'd end up liking it.