Author Topic: Major update: novels section reworked among other things  (Read 7724 times)

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Major update: novels section reworked among other things
« on: April 12, 2022, 04:42:27 AM »
Hey, all.

Sorry it's been so long since I've done an update. I've had RL beating my door down lately, but that's not a good excuse. Most recently, I've redone parts of the Novels section, specifically Threads part 1 and 2.

Initially, I was told it was impossible to put italics into forum posts like this one. Foolishly, I assumed what I was told was true, and just posted the whole novel regardless of it. When I learned better, I decided to wipe out all of the earlier posts and replace them with the book, chapter by chapter, italics included.

I also tried to add audio files for people to download, in my silky smooth voice, but that hasn't gone too well. I assume there's a data cap in place, so the larger files simply can't be uploaded to the forums. The site's designer Sonic Web Studios is working on it. Hopefully we'll have a workaround soon.

Next is the other books, and then the Musings. Those are much shorter, so I should be able to add audio to them in a few days. Try not to fall asleep to the warm goodness of my voice. Especially since what I'm talking about in most of them is so dire and important.

The novel 'Drive' had been set back again and again, so I'm taking a new approach with it. Starting this week, I'll be posting it piece by piece for people to read as I write it. I'm hoping that knowing I have a sorta real-time audience will force me to be more diligent with it. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Either way, as usual, please comment as you want, and don't bother holding back with any criticisms. I have a thick skin, and I value opinions that are different from my own. See you around,

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