Author Topic: Have you tried to get published the 'normal' way? By asking publishers, etc?  (Read 27840 times)

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Hoo boy have I ever.

The truth is, our current system for publishing books the 'normal' way is a malicious dumpster fire. I'm supposed to look for a literary agent to represent me first, and submit query letters to them to see if they're interested. The trouble is, the vast majority of literary agents have so many query letters stacked up in their inboxes, they don't even read them!

I can't express to you how soul-crushing it is to put my heart on my sleeve as it were, and submit my work for consideration, and then to find out it wasn't even considered! There are stacks of tutorials out there on how to write query letters, and I followed most of them, but what good can that do? I could write the Gold Standard of letters, but it wouldn't make any difference if no one reads it.

That's why I'm doing this. If you like what you read here, please spread the word. Hopefully it'll eventually get noticed by someone who can publish it for real. Then I can start bringing attention to writers who are like me right now- without anyone to speak for them.
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