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Read this one first.


The HP series is pretty well-known, but if you haven't read at least the first four books of it, you'll be lost trying to read this story. If you are a fan, pay close attention to what you know about house-elves, time-turners, and indestructible artifacts.

As usual, I didn't include any of the main characters from the series, and only mentioned them in passing in several places. I did use one named character, but only near the end. I only read the books myself in college, and I didn't do so critically. Then, after watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1iaJWSwUZs I re-read them with a more open perspective, and was inspired to write this. Many thanks, Shaun, for opening my eyes!

Oh, and as usual, here's the downloadable version if you don't want to go through it piece by piece.


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