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From space, the astronauts on the ISS and Tiangong watched the green wave envelop the globe. From periscope stations on board the Leighton and other subs like it, sailors wondered what to do next. From bunkers ranging from the Svalbard Seed Vault, to continuity of government shelters, to any number of single-household fallout shelters, people cowered in silence and worried about the future.

The end of the world, predicted by so many for so long, had finally come to pass. Sooner and for a different reason perhaps, but it had happened anyway. Many people wished or hoped that this was just an extended nightmare, from which they would soon wake. Some saw no purpose at all in living in such a world, while others clung even more fiercely to their desire to live no matter the cost. Some people blamed whichever gods they worshipped, and some prayed for deliverance and mercy from those same entities. Others wished they had faith, so that they could make sense of it all.

Kenshi was no different. His family was alive, but their survival hung by a thread. Most of his people were security or risk management; he had no scientists to speak of here in the city. He also had no idea if the people he'd sent to Elysia had been successful. The coded were all dead or gone, and their technology which was keeping everyone alive.. was a mystery. Only time would tell if he, and by extension humanity, could survive in here.


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