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Characters and Vasrah terms


Dramatis Personae

The Sustained:

Berilo Fisher—Head of House Fisher and Lord Ascendant of the Sustained Council

Gereho Weaver—Head of House Weaver and Sustained Councilor

Echio Tanner—Head of House Tanner and Sustained Councilor

Tenlor Fisher—Ascendant Commander and son of the Lord Ascendant

Hazra Fisher—Daughter of the Lord Ascendant

‘Gerit’—Clarion of Patchwork

The dwarves:

Recco Ulthos—Head of Clan Firebrand and Hauld of the Enclave

Chanul Ulthos—Hauld-Issuant of the Enclave

The stra’tchi:

Mayor Aldwith—Leader of Sakkas patch

Ta’anu Bladescar—Boss of Rennil patch

Drakos Bloodeye—Boss of the Deathwatchers

Sabra—well… Sabra

Endu—healer in Tellek patch

Durhu—farmer in Tellek patch

Arico—farmer in Tellek patch


Edon Cartwright—spymaster in Patchwork

Terres Huun—smuggler in Patchwork

Jaas Senneco—scholar from Satacha

Lexicon Arcana:

Aquun: (proper noun)—the guardian spirit of the waters. Worshipped by most as a god.

Shemra: ‘many hungers’—the counterpart to Aquun. A thousand evil spirits blamed for drought. Also known as the Many, or the Multitude.

Stra’tchi: ‘dirty people’—the lowest caste of people. They have no direct access to water.

Sha’haln: ‘shared heart’—a vivid and disturbing form of dreaming, common to almost everyone.

Ta’sana: ‘lifeblood’—the highest oath anyone can swear. Requires as many witnesses as possible.

Mi’he: ‘starlight’—an affectionate nickname.

Ami’ha: ‘tough one’—a similar nickname usually meant for strangers.

B’rata: ‘shaggy dog’—usually used in reference to an actual dog.

Sha'thra: 'evil-worshipper'—a grave insult, meant for those who serve the Shemra


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