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Missing part of chapter 42
« on: March 02, 2022, 04:31:23 AM »
Hey, all.

So, is a good site and all, but their customer service just plain sucks. I found out over a month ago that all of my story had been uploaded except for the last part of chapter 42. I emailed them with the updated chapter, but they never responded. I've checked back daily, but they never updated it. So, I've decided to place it here instead. It does contain spoilers though, so I've blacked it out so it matches the background. Once you reach the end of chapter 42, just go to this post, and highlight the area below this message to illuminate it.

Hope you're all having a great day!


"Ok, boss, what’s this all about?"

Nelson and Avery had been called in to Tony’s home, very hush-hush, and were now in his basement office behind a locked door. Tony was there, fingering a small silvery coin with a light inset in the middle.

He seemed unsure of himself, and that made Nelson feel the same.

"You know I visited David this morning. He’s fine," Tony assured them, before either could ask, "but he gave me this and told me… something interesting."

He didn’t continue for long seconds, and Nelson could see that he was at a loss for words. Nelson was too curious to wait. "Whatever it is, boss, we can take it. Spit it out."

Nodding, Tony took a deep breath. "You both know that the Alliance has become a big problem for us in the past few months. The Tok’ra confirmed that they’ve been operating for years, hiding from the Goa’uld, and only stepped out into the open now that they can."

He pulled a file from his desk and opened it, showing multiple surveillance photos. "The Tok’ra have been helping us identify Alliance members as best they can. Turns out that David’s new symbiote, Alvesh, caught sight of one of them a few years back. He inquired and the locals told him she was named Sarlaya. He made a note of it, but had his own mission to complete, so he didn’t follow her. Only recently, after he blended with David, did he realize just how important she really is."

Nelson shared a curious glance with Avery. "Boss, shouldn’t we be talking about this at the SGC?"

"He’s right, sir." Avery chimed in. "If it has to do with the Alliance, we should tell General Landry."

Tony shook his head. "I wanted to tell you first. In a minute, you’ll understand why."

He held up the coin. "This is a Tok’ra device that records visual memories and displays them. David used it on himself, or on Alvesh I should say, and then gave it to me. He seemed to think that seeing his memories would be the only way I’d believe him." Tony shook his head slowly. "He was right."

"Believe him about what?"

In answer, Tony placed the coin on his desk and pressed the light in the middle. A now-familiar rectangular screen jumped up in the air above it, showing a holographic record of what looked like a marketplace. "This was recorded over four years ago." Tony explained, and pressed the light again.

The marketplace sprang to life. There was no sound, of course, but people passed in and out of view as the ‘camera’ moved from stall to stall. Suddenly, Tony pressed the light, and the display froze. He pointed to a woman in the corner, wearing a brown robe and hood. "Watch her closely."

Giving him a confused glance, Nelson leaned close to study the paused image, and peripherally saw Avery do the same. Tony unpaused the recording and they both saw the woman nod to the stall owner, pay him, and turn away. As her face came into view, Tony paused it again.

Avery hissed as he inhaled quickly, and Nelson felt his jaw drop.

It was Suna.